Zoo Land


“Very clean, great staff and lots of space, even on a busy Saturday morning.   Free wifi which is great. Parents are free.   My 2 yr old loved this place.   You can bring  in your own food which is a plus most indoor playgrounds don’t allow outside food.   They sell Pizza Nova pizza, chips, pop and water.   If u have a baby they provide hot water for your bottle.   Can’t wait to go again.” – Sandy F

“Our first time there yesterday was great! We went for a JK/SK birthday party, and loved the activities for the children.
The best part is that adults are allowed to engage/climb and play with the kids on all of the structures. The bathrooms were clean, the staff were quick and attentive, and my 5 year old had a blast. We can’t wait to go back as a family. Even the food prices were very reasonable.” – Brittany Marie

Great place feels brand new. Very friendly and helpful staff. My daughters birthday went great, everythin well organized and clean and no fuss at all. Thanks guys for the awesome time.- Moodi Lush

Well organized spot with responsible staff & huge, safe facility for kiddos to climb, jumb, slide & generally spend some good energy. The ‘snack bar’ and seating for adults is a nice touch . Bit far from where we live – but my kids already asking when we’ll visit again  – Surinder Sharma 

I cannot say enough about Zooland. Had my son’s party there yesterday and would do it again in a heartbeat. Facility is clean, spacious and welcoming. Staff was friendly and very helpful. The set up the room, kept asking if we needed help, had the party go on my timetable and cleaned up too. I got to relax and enjoy the party. From my first call to get information to the end of the party I’ve been impressed and satisfied with the experience. My son had a blast. The kids had a great time and the parents were comfortable. Perfect party. The only thing I would change is that we wouldn’t have to leave the building, just our party room when our time was up. Thank you! – Esther Serota

Great place. Staff is very nice and well organized, facility is very clean which you dont see all the time. Nice play place for the kids and the awesome part is they encourage the parents to get in and play too, you dont see that often. We went there for a christmas party and booked oir kids party right away.- Heidi Kitaresku

We live in Guelph & we took our daughter here yesterday for the first time . I was so impressed with this facility that we booked her birthday here for March the same day ! It’s beautiful, clean and has so much to do for kids of all ages ! The staff was super helpful and friendly as well. We will be visiting alot more in the future! – Justyna Miesowicz

My two daughters love Zooland, in fact its the only indoor playground they want to go now. The space is huge with many activities for children and adults to enjoy- Yes I climb the playground as well with my girls! Its always clean and the staff is wonderful… always with a smile and extremely friendly. I highly recommend this place!! – Zdenka Sofianos

Amazing place and fantastic staff. All my kids parties have been here and their other location. Special shout out to Rena and Ashley for taking care of my family and I all these years. If you are able to having a private party is the way to go. They even gave me a card for being such a loyal customer all these years. – Calvin Lee